Saturday, December 10, 2011

What I like are Sounds

 The pendulum always swings back and forth with us.  We go from wanting a bare minimum sound to arguably going a little over the top.  Right now we are officially in our "over the top" phase.  We have been playing with certain effects to add some new life to the songs we play.  In the process we have stumbled over some pretty awesome sounds.  The pendulum will swing back the other way in a couple of weeks.  Maybe we can find a happy medium.  For right now we echo Dizzy Gillespie in saying "I don't care much for music.  What I like are sounds."  The search for the "right tone" is an elusive, tireless, and expensive journey.  You have it one day, it may stay for a bit.  Then as fast as it came it is gone.  


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